DIY felt advent chain


Follow the step by step instructions below to create you own super adorable DIY reusable felt advent calendar chain!

E21570AF-3A63-4BE7-9556-E0F6930DF2DEAll you need to make this is:

  • DIY kit
  • a sewing machine
  • bobbin
  • scissors
  • paper (if you want to make it into an advent)

Check out the “My Favorite” section to find a link to all my favorite sewing and crafting staples!

Above is everything included in the DIY advent chain kit. If you want to source the supplies yourself I used about 1/3 a yard of two shades of green felt and cut 50 strips (25 of each color) to be 2×9. 86C22052-7DFF-4F74-9DE5-B7B73A22E326

place one felt rectangle of each color on top of each other and sew long ways from one end to the other, making sure to back stitch.


I used 1/8 of and inch seam so that I left enough room in the center to form a “pocket” to use for my advent calendar.


sew both long sides of the felt together leaving both the end open.


sew all pairs together to make 25 chain pieces, with open top and bottoms.


Trim all the thread ends.


Hand sew a button on the right side of the chain piece, making sure to stitch through both layers of felt. I rotated between the light and dark side to add variation to me chain, but you can do all one color!

repeat with every chain piece until every piece has a button on the end. Then measure and mark where the button hole will be on the opposite end of the piece. Cut the hole where you mark, making sure to cut through both pieces of felt. To be honest I only marked the first couple of pieces and then just winged it after that. Be careful not to cut the hole too big, the felt will stretch a little.


Once all the buttons are sewn on and the holes are cut you are pretty much done! Interlock each piece together and make a chain. To make it an advent calendar cut strips of paper, write anything you want to add, and insert it into the chain. Here is a list of things I did, but you can include anything your little heart dreams of.

  • make hot chocoalte
  • buy a new Christmas book
  • go see Christmas lights
  • write a letter to santa
  • make a treat for a friend
  • go to temple square
  • decorate sugar cookies
  • eat a candy cane
  • go sledding
  • visit santa
  • sing a christmas song
  • decorate gingerbread houses
  • watch a christmas movie
  • donate change to the salvation army
  • write a note to a loved one


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