Morning skin routine


I recently posted about my Korean skin care inspired nightly routine and thought I should follow up with what I do in the morning.

I know, I know, my nightly routine is A LOT. I get it, but my skin has been the best it has ever been and so I am sticking with it…all 9 steps. Also like I said in my nightly skin care post, it has become a thearaputic moment at the end of every day. I really enjoy washing my face and taking care of my skin now, and because I am using high quality products I have noticed a difference.

My morning routine is much shorter and I think the products I use in the morning help just as much as the products I use every night.

This post may contain affiliate links.

Note-This post contains affiliate links, but you know I got your back and only share products I love and stand behind. I paid my own hard earned money on the products I mention, and want to share what I love.

First thing when I wake up and get to getting ready for the day is use the same toner and essence all over my face with a super soft cotton pad, that I do every night. The toner/beauty water helps balance the ph of your skin so your products are absorbed and work better. The beauty water from Son and Park will also gently remove make up, and although I was skeptical of using a toner (I thought it would sting and burn) I have come to really like this step and have had ZERO irritation using it.

The essence is a very liquid, almost water like serum. It is moisturizing and also helps even out skin tone and has added benefits of plumping skin, refining texture and helps reduce pigmentation. The Missha Essence has a very faint scent and it goes on like water, it also dries super fast and leaves no residue on my skin. If you look into this product, people live for this stuff, it has so may great reviews and is also one popular addition to my personal routine.

I then use this eye cream. I bought this on a whim after seeing all the great reviews and price on amazon, and I have been pleased so far. I like how it has a cooling effect when applied.
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I use this serum (beacause gimme all the anti-aging help!) and then I layer on a thin layer of  Belif Aqua Bomb. I love this stuff people, and can see why it has a cult following! At first I was worried that it wasn’t thick enough to give me the moisture I need, but it really does moisturize so well. It is lightweight and smooth, almost like a serum or gel, and my makeup layers over it perfectly. This is definetley one of my favorite products in my routine and will buy again and again.

Last thing I use is this sunscreen. It has been a GAME CHANGER in my routine. I honestly have never loved any facial sunscreens I have used, and I spent a lot of money looking for something light weight and non greasy, and FINALLY found it. Buy this…. seriously buy like 20 of them. This is the last step I do before I do my make up and is one of the best things you can do for anti-aging. The suns rays are horrible for our skin, so protect it like crazy ladies!

pro tip: make sure to apply your sunscreen on your neck, chest, and HANDS. Most people forget these parts and they are the very first places your skin shows age. Just helping a sister out.

run down of products I use in the morning….
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