Our changing table with cloth diapers

When we were first looking into cloth diapers (I feel like I start ever cloth diaper post this way!) I was so curious about people’s cloth diaper set ups. Like where do you store the big bulky diapers and alllll that comes with it? I am overly obsessed with things looking pretty and was put off by a lot of cloth diaper storage/changing table set up I had seen. a lot of them had a clutter of supplies across the top of the changing table and overflowing baskets of diapers. I am definitely a visual person and didn’t want to sacrifice my definition of a “pretty nursery” for functional cloth storage.

crib / swaddle / Mesh crib bumper / dresser / changing pad
changing mat / Hatch babyknitted euro pillow / Dino pillow / throw blanket

This post contains affiliate links, but you know I got your back and only share products I love and stand behind. I paid my own hard-earned money on the products I mention, and want to share what I love.

I want to give you a little peek into our nursery and our changing table. To be completely honest it is all still a work in progress and not my “ideal” nursery. We just transitioned both kids to the same room and it is a miss mash of styles and decor.
Am I the only one that dreams of a quaint little nursery that all the kids share Peter Pan style, until they hit a certain age and phase out to their own room? This has been something I have idealized for YEARS. Now actually having both kids in the same room,  waking each other up, staying up way past an appropriate time, and too many nights of chaos, I find myself definitely re thinking the whole “quaint little nursery” idea and replacing it with “go the freak to bed before I lose my mind!”.

After saying all of that, the space definitely works. I am grateful our little family can be close together. I am grateful for the nights I hear Riggs singing Etta to sleep, or when he excitedly helps her find a misplaced binky in the dark of night. Ahhhh motherhood! Always a mixture of emotion and feeling.

So anyway! This post isn’t even about my nursery, let’s get to how we store our cloth diapers (and all the “stuff” that comes along with it).

We have managed to still be using the same HEMNES Ikea dresser from years ago. Truth be told I seriously got this dresser is out of the dumpster. My friend (who know I like to take old furniture and revamp it) called me and alerted me to the fact she discovered the abandoned dresser. I literally when and pulled it out of the dumpster, painted it a pretty shade of green, and gave it lots of TLC. It’s still is an Ikea dresser, meaning it isn’t anything that will blow your mind, but for free it is an AMAZING deal. I really like how deep the drawers are and how much this little baby can hold! We use this dresser entirely for random stuff, and all of the kids clothes share a dresser built into the closet. This “changing table” of ours has plenty of storage for us…. and our 50+ BumGenius Freetime diapers and accessories!


Dresser / changing pad / Hatch baby / knitted euro pillow / Dino pillow / throw blanket

On top of the dresser we use a changing pad, covered with a cover and my “mom hack” is to use a changing mat on top of the changing pad. We have half a dozen of the Gathre changing mats and I love them. I like that they are simple and modern and come it a bunch of awesome colors and patterns. We use them in our diaper bag too, and in the car when we change diapers on the go. When you use a mat on the changing pad and you find yourself changing a particularly dirty diaper and things get messy, you can just wipe the changing mat off and not have to wash the pad cover.

We also recently got a hatch baby and keep it on the dresser along with some decorative stuff, because duh! We are still new to using the hatch baby but I will do a review on it soon. We got it to help Riggs transition to a big boy bed, so far it has been great and we have liked the “ok to wake” feature.

dresser / changing pad / changing pad cover / mat / hatch baby / diapers

Here is a little break down of what he have in each drawer. Maybe TMI, but I am into organization and love the details like this.

Small drawers

1) Disposable diapers and disposable wipes (these are our favorite). We use these for Riggs (he is potty trained but still sleeps in a diaper at night) we could definitely use our BumGenius Freetimes for him, but I don’t like switching the diaper sizes and he is old enough (3) that he has a preference and prefers the slim disposable diapers. I don’t blame him!

2) Baby lotions and after bath stuff, diaper creams and ointment, and our NoseFrida, nail clippers and all that random stuff. We love all the California Baby products, literally all of them, and I like that they are rated a 1 on ewg.org (if you look this up get ready to go down the rabbit hole!). Our favorite lotions that I always keep on hand are the everyday lotion, and the eczema cream. As far as diaper cream goes, to be honest, I haven’t found a great cloth diaper safe cream. We use the GroVia Magic Stick when things are just a little red, and it works for minor things. For really bad diaper rashes like from teething, sickness, or certain foods, I live and die for Triple paste. When we use it we will just switch over to disposable for a day or two. This happens only a handful of times a year so it isn’t a huge deal for me. We were introduced to the Triple Paste bum cream when Riggs was in the NICU and we have tried a few other cheaper brands but always come back to it, it is definitely worth the price people!

3) The bulk of our cloth diaper accessories are in this third drawer. Cloth diaper wipes and cases, flushable liners, nighttime hemp doublers, bum spray and refills. Read my post on cloth wipes or flushable liners to find out our favorite wipes, liners, and wipes solution. As far as doublers go we use the Hemp Babies doublers and like them. We haven’t used any other brand so I have nothing to compare them too, but I haven’t had to use another brand because they work fabulous. We actually aren’t even using these right now because Etta isn’t soaking through at night. We got these when Riggs was around 18 months old because he would soak through his diaper at bedtime. He usually slept 13-14 hours every night and these could handle the wetness perfectly.

4) Wet bags, Hand sanitizer, and kids vitamins are kept here.
We have a bunch of random wet bags we use for outings that we throw in the diaper bag like this and this, my favorite right now are the BumGenius ones because they fold up super small. Wet bags are great even if your don’t use cloth diapers because you can use them for clothes if your little one has a blow out, or for burp cloths that are extra wet. We also store our reuseable Ubbi pail liners in this drawer, he have two that we rotate. As you can see we also have plenty of hand sanitizer and use Honest spray or Babyganics foam. Since Riggs has a peanut allergy he is taking a few supplements and Etta has vitamin d drops that we store in this drawer too.

 I use these drawer organizers from Ikea and am completely obsessed. I use them ALL OVER the house and in ever dresser and drawer we have. No exaggeration. I like that they organize all the tiny things that can easily get lost in a drawer. Unlike a lot of other drawer organizers, I like how they have high sides and can hold a ton.



In the four bigger drawers we have

  1. I keep all of our baby carriers in the first drawer. We have more than a normal amount of Solly Baby wraps and also a Ergo Baby carrier that we love.
  2. In drawer number two, we keep all of our BumGenius Freetime diapers. I can usually squeeze 35 diapers in there and since we have two rotations of diapers all the clean diapers fit at a time. No, I don’t store them color coded like in the picture, but they look so pretty like that right?!
  3. In the third drawer we keep all of our diaper bag storage bags and organizers, along with extra changes of the kids bedding.
  4.  The last drawer keeps all the kids shoes.


So there you have it, our changing table for cloth diapers and how we organize our Ikea dresser. I like how everything has a place and it can all be tucked away and hidden. The nursery doesn’t scream “cloth diaper” and it is still easy to access everything.


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5 replies to “Our changing table with cloth diapers

  1. The picture of the Ikea dresser sucked me into this post – I love the color you painted it!
    We have this style furniture in our master bedroom, except I had the smaller dresser. We’ve upgraded my dresser to the size you have, and moved my old smaller dresser into the nursery. I love seeing the pictures of inside the drawers, especially with the cloth diapers! Thank you!
    I too love those Ikea drawer organizers, they’re on my list to buy. I keep trying to figure out how to organize the drawers, but realized I’ll have to wait until we have everything and then my organization brain will take over and it will come easier to me.
    Thanks for the post!


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