Cloth diapering diaper bag

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We use cloth diapers. Yep. Weird I know. It’s different.

We use them when we go to the park, or when we go to music class, the Dr. office, church and play group. We use them day in and day out which means we have to tote them around with us…. all over town.

At first this seemed like a big deal to me. It seemed like a lot of work and a pain to carry around cloth diapers. One cloth diaper is about the size of 6 disposable diapers, and that doesn’t include all the “stuff” that goes along with it. We still need wipes and bum spray and a wet bag to go along with everything you need while using cloth diapers on the go. I soon realized that it isn’t as intimidating as I had made it out to be though.



This post contains affiliate links, but you know I got your back and only share products I love and stand behind. I paid my own hard-earned money on the products I mention, and want to share what I love.

When we first had Riggs I got THE BIGGEST diaper bag (we rotated this one and this one). It actually was totally awesome for me at the time because with that first baby I over packed like crazy.

“Oh yeah, I totally need nail clippers and a thermostat with me at all times…. and 12 pairs of extra socks, 8 toys (even though my baby is 3 weeks old), all the medicines you could ever imagine. Can I pack the swing too!?”

Seriously though that was me. I probably packed more stuff in that bag than I needed for the first year of his life.

But I bet you did the same or are going to with your first baby…. right?!

Having such a big diaper bag I could pack all that I could ever need AND all the cloth diapers and stuff.

Looking back I could have gone with a much smaller diaper bag, but I really REALLY liked the ones we had. They made my over packing mama heart oh so happy. We still use them as a weekend bag, or will pack them if the kids are sleeping over at our parents, or things like that.

But now a days things look a lot more minimalistic around here, even with all the cloth diaper gear we tote around.

I love and will probably always love diaper bags with backpack straps.We have owned all sorts of them like a Petunia, Ju-Ju-Be BFF, and Honest diaper bag.

Now we us the Fawn Design diaper bag (we also have the knock off !) and are over the moon about it. It took me a while to actually jump on board with this diaper bag because literally 7/10 moms in my area have it. Not even joking. I go to play dates, story time and even to target and will see someone else with the same bag… more like 4 people with the same bag.

I don’t know if it is because the founders of the company are from my hometown and their headquarters are here, or if it really is just an amazing bag, but it is taking over.

But anyway, I finally decided to get the bag and have loved it. I still don’t love that everyone else is it too, but whatever.

The diaper bags internal pockets leave a lot to be desired. So to keep all the things organized inside I use mesh organizing bags. I switch them out regularly depending on what I am packing and it definitely keeps things more compact and the cloth diapers bulkiness down. I prefer mesh bags because they are see thru. We also have clear ones, and a whole bunch of cosmetic bags we use. I might have a problem because we have WAY to many organizers to choose from. This set is my favorite though and I always come back to it.

I keep all the cloth diaper stuff and things I need for diaper changes in one organizer, including diapers (I usually have 2-3 at all times), cloth wipes and bum spray, hand sanitizer, a wet bag, and a changing mat. Everything is all packed together and it is rather ideal. It not only keeps things nice and compact but it is nice when I need to change Etta to just grab the organizer and not have to wrangle a baby and a diaper bag.

In another mesh organizer I keep snacks for the kids, these are things that are usually mess free and sort of healthy (I am trying here people).

We also keep Riggs allergy medicine (he has a peanut allergy) in an organizer. We keep it in a clear bag so that you can see what is in it and we always know where his epinephrine injectors are and can grab them fast if (heaven forbid) we need them.

The rest of the things all go in pockets and zippers in the diaper bag. Nothing else is usually floating around and everything has its place. Except for maybe a few small toys that we have scattered everywhere. Oh and garbage… there is ALWAYS insane amounts of garbage. Kids!

Here is a breakdown of EVERYTHING we have in our bag today. This is what we use day-to-day and most days we are out of the house for a few hours every morning for activities and this gets us by just fine.

diaper bag / mesh organizers / diapers / wipes case / wipes spray bottle / wet bag  / hand sanitizer / Binky clip / medicine bag / charger /


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Diaper stuff:



Bum spray

Hand sanitizer

Wet bag

Changing mat


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Apple sauce


Fruit snacks

Fruit leather

Glass jar with crackers/pretzels/cereal

Small suckers. These are in case of emergency, like if my kids need to sit quietly for a few minutes while I sign papers, check in at the dr, or talk to someone uninterrupted.

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Riggs medicine:

 Auvi Q injectors

Antihistamine, we LOVE these single dose packs

Athsma inhaler and spacer

Random stuff:

Portable changer and cords

Extra binkys. We also keep one clipped to the inside of the diaper bag so we can grab it fast and easily.


Mints and breath freshener

Travel sunscreen

Travel bum cream


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My personal stuff:

Compact toothbrush



Compact tampons



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This is the best way I have found to keep the bulk of using cloth diapers out and about minimal, and to maximize the space in our diaper bags.

We use the same sort of system in all and any sort of diaper bag we have had or when we switch between bags. The mesh organizers are easily changed to another bag, or tossed in the stroller if we just need treats and not the whole diaper bag.

I have been pleasantly surprised that I can still use any diaper bag I could ever want to use with cloth diapers! We have owned over 10 different brands/styles in all sorts of sizes and haven’t had a problem yet.

do you have any diaper bag hack I must know about?


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